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I would like to bring to your attention the following custom assignment online service today. Its design is very colorful. One might think it is some kind of family entertainment center at a glance. It looks like entertainment online complex to me. Okay, let us look closer what this “complex” has to offer.


Its interface is memorable and stands out among other website of the kind I happened to see by now and I have seen plenty. It looks funky and fun. It provides with accomplishing assignments among which are writing essays, theses, dissertations, research papers, term papers, providing with coursework help by writers from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America with MA and PhD degrees. There is a 100% money back guarantee in case of anything. The service is ready to accept calls from its potential and already existing customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. There is plenty of other type of service available such as buying marketing project report, doing accounting questions, case analysis writing service, custom book report service, paraphrasing help service and making PowerPoint presentations. There is also a 20% off discount on the first order.


Even though the service provides with a discount for the first order, I must say I did not get any. The support team representative was acting rather cold as if he did not know about any discounts or was working for the first day. I decided to place an order anyway because I was desperate and ready to pay any money for getting it done quick and error-free. I wish I knew back then that neither was going to happen. Let me tell you everything in the right order.

Quality of paper

First thing I needed was an essay. The topic was quite ordinary. It was supposed to be about prohibitions and restrictions on firearms possession. The quality was very poor and there was no chance to ask for editing, proofreading or revision. In addition, the paper was delivered with a delay in two days! Then, I got an assignment to write a coursework. I applied to help on here again hoping for it to be better this time but regretted on my decision. Again, the quality left something to be desired; moreover, there was plagiarism found and guess what? The delivery was expired again! Thus what they say about on time delivery is rubbish.

Policy of price

They call their prices 100% affordable but they are not. Especially, if to take into account the quality of delivered papers and the fact of overdue delivery. The service does not provide with a table of prices. It is said about how they range only depending upon the package of needed services. There are 270 words per page instead of 275 words normally.

Order details

All the information upon ordering is given in the Order Now section. There is a standard application form in which one should type in one`s personal (contact) details, then order details and payment. I did everything what was required and it did not take me too long. No more questions ensued but silence. I felt no interaction with a writer or any out of support team representatives as if they all had a bad day or something.


This web service, which made rather good impression at first, ended up with a bad one. Looking good will not save the situation. It is similar to a nice cover of a candy, which appears to have no taste or taste rather bad if not more. It could be past due. In terms of quality, price and delivery, I would sooner go for

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  • # I first ordered regular paper for political science second year course in undergrad, I got 55% on it, secondly I ordered a paper for law in the masters level and I was failed on it, I gave them many attempts to fix it but they kept sending it back with no changes, and I do not think any educated person wrote these papers. Thanks to the failed paper that will effects a lot of outcomes for me including law school applications read more→


  • # is not good at following directions. I had to resubmit my paper and it still was wrong. read more→


  • # when you order with them, they portray themselves as a very nice and legit company but they will exploit you and make you pay for "professional writer" just to get your paper plagiarized. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT use this website if you want to have a GOOD GRADE and most of all A CLEAN SCHOOL RECORD... THEY ARE OF NO GOOD!! read more→

    Tee Arrey