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Let me tell you about the writing Company I almost used to write my essay. I required the paper of 550 words. The topic was really hard for me, that’s why I required professional help. Earlier I tried the other services, for instance, I used and They are good, and they provided me with the papers of the good quality, but this time I have chosen the other service only because my friends recommended it.

First, I decided to ask them several questions in the live chat. I wanted to ask if they can write the paper on my topic. I didn’t want to spend my money and time for nothing. But they have no live chat, or maybe they don’t have support agents, I don’t know, but there was nobody to answer me. Only the “Leave a message form”.

I decided to check the site by myself. First of all I checked their prices. The prices are really low in comparison with the other sites I found before. But if you check the content they have on their page you will understand the level of their services. Look at the phrase: “What grades you will receive, we do not guarantee”. It is really terrible. If you start your own business try to hire the professional content manager first.

The min. deadline is 4 days – this is the relic of the past, as now there are sites, offering to complete an order is 3 hours time. As for me, I don’t really trust them, because It is impossible to write the good paper is 3 hours time, as I think. 12 hours at least, but not 3 hours, and not 4 days as a minimal time, of course.

By the way, I checked their testimonials and It is safe to say that these feedbacks were written by the author of the content. So, I can’t recommend this site to the others, as It is a trap for fools. I don’t know who is using this site, but I will never be their Client.

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  • # I first ordered regular paper for political science second year course in undergrad, I got 55% on it, secondly I ordered a paper for law in the masters level and I was failed on it, I gave them many attempts to fix it but they kept sending it back with no changes, and I do not think any educated person wrote these papers. Thanks to the failed paper that will effects a lot of outcomes for me including law school applications read more→


  • # is not good at following directions. I had to resubmit my paper and it still was wrong. read more→


  • # when you order with them, they portray themselves as a very nice and legit company but they will exploit you and make you pay for "professional writer" just to get your paper plagiarized. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT use this website if you want to have a GOOD GRADE and most of all A CLEAN SCHOOL RECORD... THEY ARE OF NO GOOD!! read more→

    Tee Arrey