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helloessay.com review and discounts


I decided to try this site because my cousin told me that it is can perform papers of any level. I don’t usually order projects online, but I needed a business plan and I was aware of the fact that I will need help. The site has a pleasant design and the menu is very simple and good-looking. The choice of colors and decorative pictures is very successful. To my mind, it contains no excessive informstion and it is written in available language.

Price policy

I wanted to know the price for the business plan. I was trying really hard, but I couldn’t find the suitable button. In a while, I understood that if I want to make an order, I should buy the package, which contains from 1250 to 7500 words. That is ridiculous! It is not convenient and silly. What if I won’t be able to use all the words in the package? Who will return me my money?

Order details

So, as my cousin told me that this site is ok, I decided to make an order. Under different obstacles, I wouldn’t never do it! I needed a business plan in about 20 pages. It costed me about $750. I guess that it is extremely expensive. The problem is that this type of paper is one of the most difficult and expensive ones.

Quality of support

I had a problem while filling in the order form, so I deiced to ask support team for help. Let’s mention the advantages first:
– the member of the Support team responded me quite fast;
– he was rather professional and delicate;
Disadvantages were really numerous:
– it appeared that the admin doesn’t know how the order form looks like;
– he was trying to explain me something, but his speech was unsure and vague, as if he had know idea about the essay writing service he was working for;
– he wasn’t eager to help me, because I felt that he only wanted to calm me down, to make me wait and not to ask for a refund.
I think that it is very disappointing, because the admin, or a member of support teams should know all the information about everything that concerns his appointment.

Quality of the paper

My paper should have been written in 7 days. As there is no opportunity to choose the writer, I had to hope that a good writer will write my paper.
– the paper was formatted well;
– there were problems with spelling and word order;
– you can easily be cheated, because you can pay a lot of money for the best writer, but your paper will be written by an ordinary one.

I decided to order the best writer and paid an extra sum of money for him. To my regret, I was fooled. My business plan was performed by unprofessional writer. I thought that he never wrote business plans before. There was a number of other mistakes. As I didn’t want to argue and make my mood even worse, I fixed all the mistakes by myself.


– the team of this site is eager to fool you;
– 50% of information doesn’t correspond to reality;
– there is no price list, only packages with words are sold on this site;
– there is no option which would allow you o choose the writer by yourself.

As a good alternative, I would recommend you to use this d Site.

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helloessay.com review

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  • # I first ordered regular paper for political science second year course in undergrad, I got 55% on it, secondly I ordered a paper for law in the masters level and I was failed on it, I gave them many attempts to fix it but they kept sending it back with no changes, and I do not think any educated person wrote these papers. Thanks to the failed paper that will effects a lot of outcomes for me including law school applications read more→


  • # coolessay.net is not good at following directions. I had to resubmit my paper and it still was wrong. read more→


  • # when you order with them, they portray themselves as a very nice and legit company but they will exploit you and make you pay for "professional writer" just to get your paper plagiarized. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT use this website if you want to have a GOOD GRADE and most of all A CLEAN SCHOOL RECORD... THEY ARE OF NO GOOD!! read more→

    Tee Arrey