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My impressions of this service are not as great as I expected in the beginning. First, I would like to say about the live chat. At first, there was a message, saying that they are “busy”. I waited, then they appeared in the chat, I greeted them and received silence as a reply. I waited over 10 minutes, so as I think they don’t care too much about their customers. Also, be prepared, that the chat will disappear, if you decide to read more on this site. So, you need to choose: chat or the information.

As for me, the prices are a little bit high. I understand, that they have their reputation, but I don’t want to overpay for it. Also, I was disappointed with the fact that they don’t work on Sundays.
In addition, you may ask the for the free revision only within 7 days. After this time you need to pay. This is also a great con, in my mind.

When I checked Terms and Condition of this Company, I was also surprised. They are saying that they will give £5,000 if you find plagiarism in the paper, but their Terms and Conditions pointing out, that not you, but their expert will decide that. By the way, the service of the second plagiarism check is also for money. And in all cases, where the alleged Plagiarism is minor, the £5,000 will not be payable. What does it mean – the minor plagiarism? My Institute allows me the 4% of the plagiarism only, so I don’t want to risk.

If you wish to place an order at Undergraduate 1st and Upper 1st, Masters Distinction and equivalent top level grades, you will receive no refund in case of the dissatisfactory result. So, there are so many pitfalls there, that I will not recommend it.

So, my verdict is that yes, this site has a good reputation, and I cannot tell, that their writers are not professionals, but you need to pay a lot of money for the same service, offered by the other companies at lower prices. Also, the Client has power only on the main page there, when in Terms and Conditions, they have the game in hands.

What about me, I tried and I was satisfied with the fast service and low prices. I will use them again, why not?

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  • # I first ordered regular paper for political science second year course in undergrad, I got 55% on it, secondly I ordered a paper for law in the masters level and I was failed on it, I gave them many attempts to fix it but they kept sending it back with no changes, and I do not think any educated person wrote these papers. Thanks to the failed paper that will effects a lot of outcomes for me including law school applications read more→


  • # is not good at following directions. I had to resubmit my paper and it still was wrong. read more→


  • # when you order with them, they portray themselves as a very nice and legit company but they will exploit you and make you pay for "professional writer" just to get your paper plagiarized. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT use this website if you want to have a GOOD GRADE and most of all A CLEAN SCHOOL RECORD... THEY ARE OF NO GOOD!! read more→

    Tee Arrey